Article: The Hollow (wo) man
The evils of social networking

In the past our lives were interwoven with family and very close friends, these were the people that we had created a circle around to depict our personal and professional support team. Today’s intimate circles are cultivated from impetuous hits on the friend request button. These groups of people are not family members nor close friends, they are a circle of mean individuals that you are not aware of due to the promiscuity of social media.
Every time you accept a friend request from an unknown person, via Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, you are inadvertently creating a hostile network of “Hollow (wo) men.” These are individuals who write or critique derogatory remarks because they are hiding behind a pseudonym or anonymity of the social media. Being invisible has created an unattainable power for these individuals because they lost a sense of morality.
So, remember this article the next time you impetuously hit the friend request button of an unknown person, you are unconsciously allowing viruses to enter your social network circle. “It takes 20 years to build true relationships, but 20 minutes to lose them.”

By Bonnie D. Ferrell Ph.D. candidate, APA member
Chicago School of Professional Psychology