Dress for Success

When we talk about dressing for success, we’re actually aligning ourselves psychologically and physically too towards success. Let’s look at it this way; you want to prove that you can ‘play the part’ under a certain designation. You may have all the skills and potential for this role, but you don’t stand out and the management doesn’t see you in such light.

By dressing up for that role, you do two things; 1. You immediately attract attention, including those who can assign you to the role you desire. 2. You get a feel of what it will be like to be in such a position. This second point is known to have a huge impact on your psyche. It can make you behave differently so that you fit the role in terms of all the aspects encompassed by the demeanor associated with your desired role..


So, yes, go ahead and dress for the role you want because it will most likely land you that role.